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What is Lean Construction?

It seems like the term is everywhere these days, but what exactly is lean construction? FUSED Industrial is committed to keeping construction projects running smoothly and ensuring that everyone is in the know, so we thought we’d give a breakdown on the latest movement sweeping the industry.

What to Know About Lean Construction

Despite the phrase conjuring images of tilt-wall construction, lean construction actually refers to the practice of designing production systems in a way that decreases time, effort and use of materials on a project. This can be achieved by streamlining work processes and accurately estimating the materials needed for a job. Overall, lean construction eliminates waste – whether it’s underutilization of talent or overproduction of materials – on a construction project.

Benefits of Lean Construction

As the name suggests, lean construction significantly pares down the construction process to its leanest form. There are a few reasons that companies could opt in to using lean construction on their projects, namely lowering overall project costs. Simplified, efficient processes also contribute to quickly finished jobs and safer work procedures by employees. Lean construction can also contribute to a better-quality product due to pre-specified standards on projects.

How FUSED Industrial Utilizes Lean Construction Practices

Shop fabrication construction utilizes lean construction practices in that it improves productivity and reduces waste. FUSED Industrial is an ASME shop fabricator and is equipped to provide fabrication services for a range of metal alloys at our 33,000-square-foot fabrication shop or at the jobsite. Our specialty fabrication services extend to power piping, fuel gas piping, process piping and building services piping applications. We also take on the installation of piping systems and pre-fabricated steel structures.

Want to learn more about FUSED’s construction capabilities? We’d love to hear from you, so reach out to us and let us know how we can get your next project off the ground.