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The Basics and Benefits of Nested Maintenance

Maintenance and repair work play crucial roles in keeping industrial operations running smoothly, but certain approaches — such as nested maintenance — can offer subtle benefits that help companies stay a step ahead. What exactly is nested maintenance, and how could it impact your operations? We’re glad you asked!

Put simply, nested maintenance involves outside crews setting up operations at the industrial facilities they serve. While those workers remain outside contractors, they are on-site and available to assist when needed. Such an approach might not make sense in all circumstances (such as small operations, or facilities that maintain a robust internal maintenance program) but a few benefits make it something to consider.

Nested Teams Are Engrained in the Day-to-Day
A maintenance crew that reports to the same industrial plant each day gets to know the facility on a deeper level. They form relationships with folks on-site, know their way around and learn the quirks of the machinery and equipment in use. (And, as you likely know, every plant has its quirks.) This wealth of knowledge often leaves maintenance crews better prepared when troubles arise. After all, since they know the lay of the land, they likely have fewer questions.

No Travel Time Means Less Downtime
Even the best-run industrial operations face unexpected repair needs from time to time. Having a nested crew on the premises ensures you’ll have qualified crew members ready and able to get rolling on repair work right away. They aren’t contending with traffic or mapping their route. They’re there, they’re knowledgeable — and they’re ready to get down to business.

Nested Teams Are a Great Go-To Resource
A crew member who is qualified to serve on a nested maintenance team most likely has undergone extensive training — and has accumulated countless hours of on-the-job experience. That’s knowledge your industrial operations can put to good use. From pinpointing facility updates to ensure operations run safely and smoothly, to helping you wrap your head around future projects, a nested crew can be a valuable tool.

Have questions about nested maintenance teams, or want to know whether it might be an option for your industrial operations? Whatever the case, the FUSED team would love to hear from you. Reach out through our Contact page and a team member will get back with you.