A well-refined process.

Refinery-Specific Certification

As a certified ASME shop fabricator, FUSED is proficient in the construction and maintenance of process piping systems, pipeline transportation systems and the like. Meanwhile, U, S and R stamp certification means you can rest assured that the fabrication work associated with your pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and related equipment will be carried out safely and up to standard. Our status as an API 653- and API 1104-qualified company promises that our team has the adequate training and certifications in place to look after the needs of your storage tanks, pipelines and facilities.

Field and Shop Fabrication Services

FUSED Industrial’s welding contractors provide custom work across a range of metallurgies. Our two-bay, 33,000-square-foot ASME fabrication shop offers five- and 15-ton capacities. This allows us to produce the pipe spools, electrical panels, skids and related elements you rely on off-site, without interruption to your day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, our field fabrication offerings make it possible to take our custom welding work on the road, tackling repair work and the like right there at your refinery. FUSED welding contractors are R, S and U Stamp certified.

Field Installation/Erection

FUSED understands that, in a refinery setting, downtime translates to lost profits. Our field installation and erection services are designed to get your operations back online quickly and safely. From the demolition of existing equipment, to small-scale part and component replacements and full equipment rigging, relocation and installation, our credentialed millwrights have your mechanical operations under control.

Plant Maintenance and Turnaround Services

Regular inspections, testing, repair and replacement work play a necessary role in spotting — and stopping — potential troubles that threaten your plant’s safety and profitability. FUSED’s refinery contractors are well versed in the maintenance necessary to extend the life of your valuable machinery, systems and equipment. From planning and execution of your plant’s turnaround needs, to repair work on the process piping and cooling towers upon which you rely and even experience in electrical and instrumentation craft, no element is off limits.

Trust the Refinery Contractors at FUSED.

For more than 25 years, our experts have proudly  provided civil, industrial, electrical and fabrication services that keep our clients’ operations moving forward safely, efficiently and within budget. Whatever your project, whatever its scope, FUSED Industries is here to serve.

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