Laura Koppe Road Paving & Drainage Reconstruction

Houston, Texas

When the City of Houston sought to improve a segment of historic Laura Koppe Road, it turned to FUSED Civil to get the job done. On an approximately 1.5-mile stretch of roadway between Hirsch and Homestead roads, FUSED got to work demolishing the existing roadway — and removing utilities — to make way for a fresh start. As the project moves forward, FUSED will continue digging in with storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water lines to help create a healthier environment. Meanwhile, the installation of new concrete pavement, curbs, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, driveways and traffic signals will upgrade the area into one that is both safe and easy to navigate.

  • Installation of 49,600 square yards of 9-inch to 11-inch jointed, reinforced concrete pavement
  • Installation of approximately 7,900 LF of reinforced concrete pipe
  • Installation of approximately 8,000 LF of concrete box storm sewers
  • Installation of approximately 1,120 LF of open-top box culvert
  • Creation & installation of approximately 300 precast structures
  • CIP headwalls / wingwalls
  • Installation of approximately 6,200 LF of 16-inch water line pipe
  • 22 intersecting side streets with transitions
  • Installation of traffic signals
  • Installation of streetlights, pavement markings, signage, trees & sod
  • Construction of a storm water detention pond