Greens Bayou Watershed Repair

Houston, Texas

Hurricane Harvey dealt a devastating blow to areas across Houston, but FUSED Civil has been glad to help pick up the pieces. Our team is assisting the Harris County Flood Control District with storm-related repair work for the Greens Bayou Watershed. We’ve dug in on channel repairs at 14 different sites along an approximate two-mile area, with jobs ranging from erosion repairs, to removal and disposal of sediment accumulations, granular fill and riprap installation, pipe removal, replacement and filling of voids, and concrete channel lining installation.

  • Approximately 20,000 CY of excavation & removal of sediment accumulations
  • Placement of approximately 30,000 CY of imported fill
  • Placement of approximately 32,000 tons of granular fill
  • Installation of approximately 40,000 tons of Grade 1 and 2 riprap
  • Installation of approximately 1,300 LF of 24-inch to 126-inch corrugated metal pipe
  • Placement of approximately 3,000 SY of concrete channel lining
  • Phased scheduling & construction