Widening of State Highway 21 Bridge Over Interstate 45

Madisonville, Texas

FUSED Civil was proud to offer assistance to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) regarding plans to widen a stretch of State Highway 21 in Madisonville. Largely driven by traffic related to the city’s Buc-ee’s travel stop, the project includes partial bridge demolition and the widening of an existing 4-span, 230-foot bridge. It increases the available roadway to the traveling public to 84 feet and also includes two turn lanes. The team is installing a range of elements, including columns, pre-stressed concrete girders, drilled shafts and a new deck, all while vehicular traffic continues to flow.

FUSED selected Houston’s Alsina Formworks for formwork solutions related to the project’s substructure and superstructure components. Our crew is utilizing a rapid-set Euclid epoxy system to repair both horizontal and vertical cracking and spalding beneath the existing bridge deck, and has elected to replace the typical PCP (precast concrete panels) with D-MAC Industries’ SIP (stay in place) steel panel system to increase efficiency and cost savings. By incorporating state-of-the-art solutions into our plans, FUSED aims to exceed TxDOT’s desired goals, while maintaining our own high standards in safety, production and profitability.

  • Bridge demolition & widening of an existing 4-span, 230-foot bridge
  • Installation of 36-inch drilled shafts, columns, CIP column caps, pre-stressed concrete girders & deck
  • Repair work for horizontal & vertical cracking & spalding