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Process Skid Systems: What They Are and How They Help

Process skid systems provide much-needed flexibility and cost savings that help keep a project on track. But, for many people, they remain something of a mystery. What exactly are these industrial tools of the trade, and how can they benefit a company? We’re glad you asked. Read on to learn the full story.

What is a Process Skid System?
A process skid system is a self-contained module that is built on a frame off-site, typically in a fabrication shop. Skids are constructed on frames, and might focus on one specific process or purpose — or combine multiple processes together into a single unit. Once completed, the skid is transported to the job site for placement and installation.

What Are the Benefits of a Process Skid System?

  • Quality Construction: Because process skid systems are created in fabrication shops — and away from the activities taking place on the job site — the teams behind them have time to ensure the system is built properly, and to conduct in-house testing. They are also able to complete their work without the added stress of interfering with existing processes. This results in less rework and a higher-quality outcome.
  • Quicker Completion: Process skid systems can be created while other work is also underway. In fact, most skids can be installed without disruption to construction, or to current ongoing manufacturing processes. This results in a shorter timeframe for overall project completion.
  • Cost Savings: Process skid systems tend to cost less than traditional systems, thanks to the aforementioned benefits. In addition, in instances where multiple skids of the same design are required, a company can save money by essentially buying in bulk. Because the engineering and design work have already been completed, purchasing additional skids is relatively easy.

 At a time when so many companies are working to make every dollar — and every manhour — count, process skid systems can be a tremendous benefit. If you’re interested in learning more about the process skid, or incorporating such systems into your operations, please feel free to contact us. Our industrial, commercial and civil construction pros are always happy to help.