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Placing Construction Project Management Front and Center

Construction project management is one of those things that tends to take a back burner to other aspects of a job. The trouble is, while crews are focused on making sure they know what the client wants and ensuring they have what they need to get their work done, other important aspects can slip by unnoticed. And that can result in everything from project delays to steep penalties. At FUSED Commercial, our team believes it pays to have a dedicated project manager on the job — someone whose sole responsibility is to keep things moving forward safely and effectively. Here are just a few of the ways a key player like this can make a difference on your jobsites.

Someone to Key in on Important Details
Seemingly simple oversights, such as digging in on a job without the proper build permits — or failing to display that paperwork as required — can land a crew in hot water. A qualified project manager will keep all the ducks in a row from a project’s start, through its end. He or she can oversee those build permits, ensure payments are going through when they’re supposed to and even secure temporary utilities for the construction site. This leaves crewmembers free to focus on the work that needs to get done.

A Point Person for the Project’s Many People
Most large projects involve multiple vendors — one crew taking on foundation work while another focuses on pipes and so on. While knocking out more than one element of a project at once can save time and money, it can also introduce some confusion. A project manager will help ensure people are where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing, when they’re supposed to be doing it. Not only does this bring order to the jobsite, but it also helps keep the entire project on schedule.

Someone to Keep the Construction Site Secure
Most jobsites house heavy — and valuable — equipment, tools and vehicles. And, while we would like to assume those items would remain safe if left in the open, that isn’t always the case. A dedicated project manager will make sure things are safely stored at the end of the workday, and that vehicles are secure. Of course, if added security is deemed necessary for the site, he or she can take care of hiring and managing security guards, too.

Construction project management might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it plays a crucial role in keeping jobs moving forward as they’re supposed to, and helping to ensure clients are happy with the finished product. Want to know more about FUSED construction project management offerings — or other assistance our crew can offer? Reach out today to learn more!