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Industrial Construction Insight: Preventing Pipeline Accidents

When video of an undersea gas pipeline accident — and the five-hour ocean fire that followed — went viral in July of 2021, industrial incidents went to the top of many contractors’ minds. Industrial construction incidents can happen on even the best sites, but there are measures you can take to minimize the risk. Read on for insight into meaningful ways you can help prevent industrial construction dangers, including pipeline accidents.

Regular Inspections
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that nearly 38,000 fires take place at manufacturing and industrial operations each year. With our extensive background in disaster recovery, FUSED Industries understands how important it is to regularly inspect machinery and safety equipment. Make sure everyone on your job site is properly trained in the use of applicable safety equipment, and ensure crew members are regularly inspecting their work areas for potential hazards. When installing equipment, it’s critical to invest in a professional installation inspection and ongoing inspections for the life of the equipment.

FUSED Tip: Hazard Communication is one of the most frequently cited Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards violated each year. Pipelines and hazardous chemicals should have proper safety color coding or labeling. Inspect labels on a regular basis and make sure workers know how to protect themselves during an incident. 


Preventative Maintenance
Once you’ve implemented regular inspections, preventative maintenance is the next step toward mitigating danger. Stay ahead of future problems by making minor repairs as needed, and by proactively scheduling maintenance at regular intervals through the year. Preventative plant maintenance saves time and resources by keeping infrastructure safe, healthy and running smoothly for the long haul.

FUSED Tip: Expert maintenance experience and specialty welding knowledge are just two skills to look for when bringing a maintenance team on board. A solid maintenance crew should have experience with everything from proper mechanical installation, to process piping support and fabrication methods. Look for a team with extensive industrial construction and plant maintenance experience.


Trusted Partners
In order to keep your plant operating efficiently, with minimal downtime and low risk of catastrophic incidents, you’ll sometimes need the assistance of an industrial construction service. You may prefer to have someone on-site performing proactive maintenance and inspections year-round, or you may want to bring a team in for special projects as needed. Either way, look for a partner with extensive industry experience that will work with you to find the right risk mitigation strategies for your facility. Preventing pipeline accidents and other industrial incidents requires some planning and partnership with the right experts.

FUSED Tip: Evaluate potential partners by asking how many years of experience they’ve had with industrial installation and maintenance. Have they installed or repaired equipment like yours? Have they performed disaster recovery? Do they understand the inherent risks and dangers to sites specifically like yours?

From fabrication, to installation, maintenance and relocation, FUSED Industrial’s expert team has been helping organizations for more than 25 years. Want to know how we can help you keep your facility operating safely? Give us a call! We would love to work with you.