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  • Industrial Industry Basics: What Are Millwright Services?

    If you’ve visited with many industrial construction companies (FUSED Industrial included) you’ve likely heard mention of millwright services. But, are you clear on exactly what those services entail? Although a common phrase among many industrial pros, we understand that that isn’t the case everywhere. We also understand that construction work generally tends to run a […]

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    A Look Ahead at Plant Turnarounds and Shutdowns

    Like so many things in 2020, plant turnarounds and shutdowns found themselves on a slightly different schedule than in previous years. Due to occupancy and distancing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, World Oil reported that many operations placed such practices on hold. After all, the work requires “extra” personnel to make their way on-site, […]

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    Rebar Ties: An Important Element of Civil Construction

    Anyone who has ever driven past road or bridge construction projects has likely spotted rebar latticework — and its associated rebar ties. Rebar ties join the bars where they meet and are typically placed in repeating patterns, such as at every second, third or fourth intersection. The amount of ties used will vary by project […]

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    Process Skid Systems: What They Are and How They Help

    Process skid systems provide much-needed flexibility and cost savings that help keep a project on track. But, for many people, they remain something of a mystery. What exactly are these industrial tools of the trade, and how can they benefit a company? We’re glad you asked. Read on to learn the full story. What is […]

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    The State of Houston Industrial Work During an Unprecedented Year

    It goes without saying 2020 has been a pretty unpredictable year, especially for the Houston industrial sector. Between project changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty that comes with an election year — and countless other considerations which have left companies feeling slightly off-balance — many people are curious as to where Houston industrial […]

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