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Industrial Industry Basics: What Are Millwright Services?

If you’ve visited with many industrial construction companies (FUSED Industrial included) you’ve likely heard mention of millwright services. But, are you clear on exactly what those services entail? Although a common phrase among many industrial pros, we understand that that isn’t the case everywhere. We also understand that construction work generally tends to run a lot more smoothly when everyone — construction crew, end user and, in many instances, even those around them — are clued in to the details. The FUSED Industries team is taking a moment to get back to basics and highlight this industrial construction specialty. Read on for the details.

First and Foremost: What Are Millwright Services?
Millwright services center around the specialized machinery found inside industrial operations such as power plants. A company hired on to carry out millwright services has the knowledge and ability to erect and install such equipment, disassemble and reassemble it during moves from one location to the next, and to both maintain and repair machinery when needs arise. In other words, the practice is all about ensuring industrial machinery is set up where it should be — and working as it should be.

Why Should Professionals Tackle Millwright Services?
Industrial equipment and machinery are no simple matter. Not only are they a substantial investment for a company, but they fuel the processes that make the work possible. Although a plant’s crew might have a thorough understanding of the way such machinery operates, disassembly, assembly and setup are a completely different ballgame. A simple misalignment, for instance, can hinder — or halt— output, while incomplete or incorrect connections can put workers and community members around the plant in serious danger. By hiring professional millwrights to carry out the work, industrial operations can sidestep production and safety issues. In addition, when labor is completed by a licensed crew, that work should be covered if troubles arise. That means less out of pocket for repairs, redos and replacements.

What Should You Look for When Hiring Crews for Millwright Work?
When it comes time to hire a team to take on a company’s millwright needs, look for a team that is both licensed and experienced in such work. Ask friends and colleagues about their experiences with past companies, and take time to seek out online reviews to see what sort of track record a company has. In addition, we recommend working with teams that maintain other specialties, as well. That way, a single team can tackle multiple jobs at about the same time. That means less interruption to a company’s schedule — and oftentimes less money spent overall. At FUSED, for instance, we offer a wide range of industrial services, as well as civil, electrical and fabrication work, too.

If you have question on any of the above information, or if you’re interested in learning more about how FUSED can help with your upcoming industrial projects, feel free to contact our team. We look forward to hearing from — and working with — you.