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A Closer Look at the Metal Building Construction Trend

Storage Building Renovation

Metal building construction has come a long way in recent years. Once a construction approach relegated mainly to pole barns, storage sheds and the like, today’s metal buildings provide efficient, budget-conscious solutions for a wide range of needs.

From use as office space, to recreational areas in place of traditional gyms, places of worship and even homes, the possibilities are seemingly endless. And so are the benefits. The FUSED Commercial team has pulled together just a few of the reasons metal building construction has gained in popularity.

Metal buildings can, as they say, take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Steel is a strong material able to withstand hailstorms and high winds with little to no damage. Because it is also an inorganic material, steel is an ideal building material for flood-prone areas. A metal building won’t hold moisture that can induce rotting and create mold like its wood-based counterparts can.

Metal buildings go the distance, requiring less maintenance than other structures do. Special coatings help preserve the building’s color and ward off dust, for instance, while metal roofs aren’t prone to the degradation shingles typically experience over time. This leaves the structures looking fresh for years to come.

Fire Resistance
Although no building is 100% fireproof, metal buildings can withstand more than other build types. Steel framing is noncombustible, meaning it won’t burn in the event of a fire. That means that, should a blaze occur within or around the structure, a metal building will maintain its structural integrity. Metal structures can also help contain the blaze.

There are many reasons modern-day companies opt for metal building construction, including their quick building speeds and budget-friendly price points. For more information about metal buildings, or to learn more about FUSED Commercial’s metal building construction offerings, feel free to contact our team. We are always happy to help.