At FUSED Industries, we take job site safety seriously — and aim to maintain a zero-incident culture. In an effort to preserve the health and safety of our team members, clients, contractors and the environment, we require FUSED employers to maintain up-to-date certification in their chosen specialties. Taking that culture of job site safety a step further, we invest the time and money necessary to ensure our staff is trained far beyond the industry standard. These considerations all contribute to our effort to keep clients’ projects running safely and efficiently, and to get the job done right the first time around.

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of FUSED Industries to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for all employees; to abide by all regulations as they pertain to our industry which is set forth in Federal, State and Local standards, statues and OSHA Standard 29 CRF 1910, 29 CRF 1926, 49 CFR Part 350-399, MSHA Regulations Part 46, and Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Transportation requirements and to integrate good working safety habits into every aspect of our company activity. The “Company” as used in this policy refers to FUSED Industries.

To Support This Policy, Six Basic Principles are Inherent:

  1. A positive belief that all personal injuries can be prevented.
  2. An acceptance on the part of management, superintendents and foremen of their responsibilities to prevent personal injuries.
  3. A conviction that it is reasonably possible to safeguard all operating exposures which may result in injuries.
  4. Acceptance of the fact that the prevention of personal injuries is good business, both from the standpoint of efficiency and of economy.
  5. A recognition that it is necessary to train all employees, including temporary personnel, to work safely and to understand it is to their advantage as well the Company’s to work safely, further, that they have a definite responsibility to do so.
  6. An understanding that all vendors or sub-contractors are contractually obligated to abide to this Safety Policy, and to adhere to the company safety program; further, that any references to the Company in this policy will be applicable in full to all sub-contractors as well.