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What a 2021 Infrastructure Bill Could Mean for Construction

With the new presidential administration came a new call for an infrastructure bill to tackle the country’s aging highways, bridges, facilities and more. Estimates for the proposed 2021 infrastructure bill have ranged from $2 trillion to $9 trillion, depending on which politician is being interviewed. Regardless of the final amount, this would have a sizeable effect on civil construction projects for years to come. On the surface, this sounds like a boon, but are construction companies prepared to handle the work? Here are three ways to start thinking about — and preparing for — a potential influx of civil construction work.

Hire Additional Workers
The industry has been dealing with a construction worker shortage in recent years, so companies that anticipate putting in bids for coming infrastructure work will need to ramp up their recruitment efforts before the bill is passed. This may mean offering signing bonuses, improving benefits or offering training opportunities to help crew members develop their careers on the job. Having a pool of available workers allows companies the flexibility to bid on — and accept — additional projects when the time comes.

Invest in Technology
We live in a digital age. When a company is managing more projects — and those of a larger scale — it becomes important to have tools to effectively communicate and share project information with vendors, architects, engineers and suppliers — and to efficiently manage crews and day-to-day jobsite concerns. Invest in tools that will streamline the company’s workflow, including project management software solutions and the latest construction technologies, to make everyone’s jobs easier.

Form Partnerships
The construction industry is known for ups and downs — from labor shortages, to material price spikes — and sailing is almost never as smooth as it should be. It helps to have knowledgeable partners who can fill gaps, provide expertise and ease the load when times are tough. If the infrastructure bill is even a fraction of what has been proposed, companies will need to work together to get these projects off the ground and over the finish line.

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