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A Look at the Industrial Factory Construction Boom

The Southwest United States, including Texas and Oklahoma, experienced a 30% increase in manufacturing job growth from 2017 to 2020, and industrial factory construction has boomed in these states. In fact, they’ve added an estimated 100,000 jobs. As a full-service industrial contractor, FUSED Industries has been helping projects like these cross the finish line and prepare for the ongoing maintenance that will be required. Here are a few things to know to navigate the current industrial construction boom.

Industrial Factory Hubs
Major investments are being made in a few key areas, and these areas will likely become hubs for domestic industrial construction and manufacturing. Cities like Phoenix are growing at an exponential rate as U.S.-based and global companies build manufacturing facilities in the area. In fact, the largest capital investment in 2020 was the announcement of a $12 billion semiconductor factory near Phoenix. Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma are also seeing large-scale industrial construction projects.

Job Growth
Each new manufacturing facility brings hundreds or thousands of jobs to a region, and Southwest states are seeing an influx of workers. Construction worker shortages have been reported in many areas, and FUSED Industries has been at the forefront of providing direct-hire craftsmen and expert industrial assistance. When industrial construction is on the rise and there is a shortage of workers and expertise, professional partnerships can help bridge gaps and keep projects running smoothly.

Mechanical Integrity
Industrial construction doesn’t start and end with the construction of the building. When manufacturing is involved, there are also mechanical fabrication and instrumentation integrity issues to consider. At FUSED Industries we have decades of fabrication experience, and our welding contractors are custom fabrication experts. No matter the size or type of industrial facility being constructed, it’s important to make sure every mechanical element and all instruments have been properly built and installed. Getting it right during construction means safer operations and fewer breakdowns later.

Manufacturing is on the rise, and FUSED Industries helps companies from initial planning and construction, all the way through ongoing maintenance. Want to talk about industrial factory construction? Give us a call! Our team would love to work with you.