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How You Can Help Keep Your Construction Schedule on Track

The construction schedule can be one of the most harrowing parts of a project. On one hand, you want your work done as quickly as possible. On the other, you understand it takes time to get the job done right. Factor in the consideration that soggy weather and similar obstacles can turn even the most reasonable construction schedule on its head, and it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

The good news is, while some factors will remain outside your control, there are a few simple steps you can take to help keep your construction schedule on track. Read on to learn more.

Clear Communication is Key

If you want to ensure your construction project is completed on your timeline, it is crucial to clue the team in on what that timeline is. The same goes for other elements of the work, such as building materials, budget and special considerations. Make your needs known early on in the planning process, and get the details defined in writing. When questions or concerns arise during the actual construction itself, never hesitate to make a phone call or write up an email. A quick conversation can put your mind at ease while also keeping everyone on the same page.

Regular Check-Ins Can Ward Off Trouble Down the Line

Even small construction projects include a number moving parts, with different crews taking the lead at different times. While this allows teams to take on tasks they are best suited for, it can also create confusion. Have a team member you trust evaluate the construction project at various milestones as the work progresses. If mistakes are found, it’s easier to right them then, than to go in after the finishing touches are complete.

Factor in Some Flexibility

You want your work done quickly, and chances are the crews you’ve hired do, as well. The trouble is, for certain construction work, there is simply no way around obstacles such as wet or dangerous weather. Be understanding when a crew has to sit out a day or two to keep its team members safe, or to ensure your finished product will be of the best possible quality. (If you’ve maintained open communication as advised above, everyone should be in the know regarding drop-dead deadlines.) Crews can often adjust their schedules, switching focus to tasks that can be completed when others can’t. If Mother Nature puts a halt on concrete work, for instance, the team could find reprieve installing countertops or moulding indoors.

Construction scheduling might not be an exact science, but a little advance preparation can go a long way. If you have questions, or if you’re in need of a project manager to ensure your own project’s construction schedule remains on track, feel free to contact the FUSED team. We would love to help!