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A Look at FUSED Industries’ Houston Commercial Construction Division

The FUSED Industries team takes pride in putting our experience to work to provide quality industrial, commercial and civil construction assistance in and around Houston. We also enjoy educating our friends and colleagues about the work we dig into each day. Today, we set our sights on our Commercial construction division.

The experienced crew behind FUSED Commercial takes on a wide range of services. From design assistance using state-of-the-art software, to interior buildouts, to all-encompassing project management, they work hard to ensure clients not only get what they need, but that each job is completed correctly and on time. Read on to learn more about the various commercial construction services we offer.

Concrete and Steel Construction
Our Commercial Construction division puts design and engineering standards to work to ensure not only that a concrete or steel project’s unique specifications are met, but that the end result is safe and structurally sound. Our concrete and steel work includes parking lots and flatwork, structural concrete, steel fabrication, steel buildings, structural steel and wood framing, as well as exterior renovation work.

Metal Building Construction
Metal buildings have gained popularity in recent years, due in part to their affordable nature, durability and quick build times. The FUSED Commercial team provides design, engineering and erection services for metal buildings in a wide range of settings.

Tenant Buildout
Every business is a unique entity, requiring a unique space all its own. A quality tenant buildout will tailor the finished product to suit the end user. At FUSED Commercial, we offer a range of custom services including space planning and design, remodeling services, custom cabinetry and countertops, interior frame-outs, millwork and drywall. Aside from custom design, we also aid in coordination between the building engineer, landlord and tenant, all to ensure everyone is on the same page and in the know regarding the project at hand.

Repairs and Maintenance
Even the best-built buildings require maintenance and repair work from time to time, to ensure they remain safe, looking their best — and able to serve people well. Our team’s work includes an extensive array of repair and maintenance services including, not limited to, deck coating, flood repair work, gate and fence installation, mildew removal, waterproofing and wall repair.

Project Management
A successful commercial construction project requires countless moving parts coming together in just the right way — and in the proper order — to ensure success on all fronts. That’s where project management comes in. The FUSED Commercial team proudly takes on some of the smaller details of clients’ projects, so they can return focus to other aspects of the business. Project management work includes, among other offerings, assistance acquiring and posting build permits, monitoring cash flow and schedules, contractor advertisement, construction oversight and personnel management.

We hope this overview offers a bit of helpful insight into all that Houston commercial construction work entails. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re interested in working with FUSED Commercial, feel free to contact us. We’d love to speak with you!