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FUSED Industries Has a New Look and Feel

If you’ve been a longtime friend or customer of FUSED Industries, chances are you’ve noticed a few changes as of late. We’re excited to announce that we’ve upgraded our look to speak more to who we are and all the things we offer. Don’t worry — while this is an exciting step forward for the FUSED Industries family, it shouldn’t affect our valued clients. We’re the same FUSED you’ve always known, still staffed with the same great folks.

So, what exactly has changed? We’re glad you asked! Allow us to fill you in on the details surrounding the new FUSED Industries brand.

We’re Sporting a New Tagline
You’ll spot a new phrase, “Single Source, Full Force,” beneath our logo on most pieces we put out. This tagline gets to the heart of what our company is all about — pulling together the knowledge, experience and skillset of our various divisions to bring clients quality work, all in one convenient place. FUSED Industries is a one-stop shop for industrial, civil and commercial construction work, and we have deep expertise to boot.

We’re Telling the Full Story
We believe one of the benefits of working with our crew is the fact that we can serve clients on multiple levels. (We don’t just clear land for a new build, but can craft and install new cabinetry, for instance. Or, while we’re performing routine maintenance on your plant, we can also aid in fabrication and concrete work.) Of course, that multi-level approach doesn’t work when clients are left unaware of the services we offer. Now, you’ll find all three of our divisions — FUSED Industrial, FUSED Civil and FUSED Commercial — represented in full force on our website and in marketing materials.

We’re Giving You a Better Online Resource
The new and improved FUSED Industries website is among the largest of our company’s recent changes. We wanted to serve as a resource for our friends, clients and colleagues alike. Our updated online home goes deeper into the company’s offerings, goes in-depth into past projects (complete with photos!) and offers informative blog posts that keep you in the loop regarding everything from industry news, to company updates and tips to move your own businesses forward safely and effectively.

The FUSED Industries team is excited about these most recent changes, but we want to reiterate that we’re still the same company you know and trust. If you have questions about any of the changes, or if you’d like to get in touch regarding a project, please reach out through our Contact page or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!