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Four Innovations in Construction Technology That Are Disrupting the Industry

The construction technology of today isn’t what it used to be. With technological advancements rapidly changing the way we live, the industry is taking advantage of the opportunity to change the way we work. It’s now easier than ever to schedule and manage a project, build a model of a completed product and keep construction workers safe on the job site. These innovations in construction tech have streamlined processes, increased efficiency and made our jobs a whole lot easier, and FUSED Industries is taking the opportunity to highlight a few of them.

Project Management Software

Project management software has changed the construction game, tackling common issues like transparency, efficiency and accountability surrounding a project. With project management software, companies can now design a building and manage an entire construction site with just a few clicks.

Virtual Reality

A trend that is increasingly on the rise, virtual reality is a useful tool when it comes to construction simulations. Building information modeling (BIM) is becoming easier with the help of virtual reality, able to present tangible computer models to the construction team and the client. Training staff with the help of virtual reality is also becoming standard practice.

Drone Technology

Drones aren’t new by any means, but their increased availability makes it easier and more affordable to utilize them in construction. With their ability to literally provide a birds-eye view of a construction site, they provide insight into the progression of a project and heightened visibility over a wide area. They’re also a valuable security tool, able to monitor the safety of employees and protect the job site from theft or vandalism.

Wearable Tech

While wearable technology isn’t yet omnipresent, it may be soon. It’s currently making a splash in the industry with the introduction of electronic devices worn on a construction worker’s body or clothing, able to collect data on their activities and their level of fatigue. These handy pieces of technology can do a lot to improve safety on a job site – including warning a construction worker of danger or cautioning the management team when an employee is nearing exhaustion.

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