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Focus on FUSED Field and Shop Fabrication Work

Gas Processing Pipe Project

At FUSED Industries, our team is dedicated to providing quality service and skilled craftsmanship across a range of specialties — including field and shop fabrication work. We work with a wide range of metal alloys, creating and repairing pipes, process skids and other items our clients depend on. But what is the difference between field and shop fabrication work, and how do we put them to use on the job? We’re glad you asked! Read on to learn more about these FUSED Industries services.

FUSED Field Fabrication Work
Field fabrication work, as the name implies, entails our team members completing their fabrication jobs in the field, on or near the spot the finished products will call home. This approach carries a number of benefits. For instance, field fabrication allows for quick changes, should unforeseen obstacles require new dimensions or extra parts. It can also lead to quicker product completion and lower transportation costs, since only the raw materials and fabrication equipment must make their way to the site. You also face less risk of damage to the finished product, since it isn’t transported. Of course, field fabrication also carries certain risks. Chief among them is adverse weather, which can grind projects to a halt. Other factors, such as excessive heat and difficulty reaching the site itself, can also come into play due to less controlled conditions.

FUSED Shop Fabrication Work
FUSED shop fabrication work takes place — you guessed it — inside our fabrication shop. Our 33,000-square-foot ASME shop features state-of-the-art equipment and a 20-ton crane capacity to help our crew address fabrication work of all sizes. As with field fabrication, shop fabrication carries its own unique benefits. With crews working from a familiar, controlled environment, issues such as sudden rain, difficulty moving raw materials and access to necessary parts and equipment are less likely to delay work. When unexpected needs do arise, the shop also offers the benefit of having extra equipment, material and team members nearby to help keep projects moving forward. With regard to obstacles, shop fabrication work does require teams to transfer finished products to their intended sites. This leads to increased transportation costs and adds an additional step — and added time — to the process.

Do you have questions about FUSED’s fabrication services? Curious as to how our team can assist with your fabrication needs? Stop by the FUSED Industrial Capabilities page for a closer look at all we offer. Of course, you are always welcome to contact our team. We are here to help and would love to hear from you!