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Fabrication Shops in Houston: Know What to Look For

Not all fabrication shops in Houston — or anywhere else, for that matter — are created equal. For the fabrication work you rely on to keep your industrial operations moving forward safely and effectively, it’s important to do work with trained professionals with a proven track record. With so many options available, however, how do you determine a quality fit for your company? FUSED Industries has pulled together some helpful advice aimed at making the process a bit easier.

Make Sure the Company Maintains a Range of Expertise
Simply being skilled in pipe fabrication or excelling in electrical panel work isn’t enough in today’s industrial environment. After all, chances are if work is required on one system or unit, others need a bit of TLC, too. Make it a point to find a company that can assist with a number of aspects of your work. Not only will doing so save you time and cut down on headaches, but it can save you money, too. For instance, FUSED Industries offers expertise in industrial, civil, commercial and electrical work. In terms of fabrication services, our work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Field & Shop Fabrication Work
  • Pipe Spool Fabrication
  • Module/Skid Fabrication
  • Electrical Panel & Rack Fabrication
  • Vessel Fabrication
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Specialty Welding

Make Sure the Company Comes Recommended
The idea that word of mouth is the best advertising came about for a reason. You can tell a lot about an organization based on the work it’s carried out in the past. Consult with team members and trusted colleagues about companies they’ve worked with, and about what the experience was like. What did they like? What issues caused some trouble? Would they do work with them in the future? Take things a step further by digging into online reviews, BBB ratings and even asking for customer testimonials. Yes, this step is one more “to-do” on top of a busy schedule, but it can really benefit you down the line.

Make Sure the Company Has its Bases Covered
Being able to tackle fabrication work and being licensed to do so are two entirely different things. The truth is, certifications and continuing education are crucial in ensuring the teams you hire are up to date on the latest technologies and safety concerns. (After all, even the best teams have a tendency to become complacent with work they carry out day in and day out.) Ask if your potential fabrication team maintains R Stamp certification (if applicable to your project), and what sort of continued training they require of crew members. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

If you have questions regarding any of the above information, or if you’re curious about how FUSED Industries might be able to assist with your company’s fabrication needs, feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist, and we look forward to working with you!