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Three Reasons to Trust Equipment Installation to the Pros

Equipment installation, while necessary among industrial operations, carries more risks than most people realize. While the idea of moving equipment into its proper place might seem simple enough, it’s a different story once you factor in the details. Everyday equipment and machinery can weigh hundreds — often thousands — of pounds. Meanwhile, its sheer size can make it difficult to simply get in the door, let alone into its proper spot.

When handled incorrectly, equipment installation can have costly, even life-threatening, repercussions. The good news is, there are companies specially trained to carry out such work safely. Read on for insight into why you should only trust a certified professional when it comes to equipment installation at your facility.

Protection for Your Crew Members
Put simply, equipment installation can be dangerous business. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ranks being caught in/between equipment or objects among its “Fatal Four” incidents leading to worker fatalities. Meanwhile, issues such as electrical shocks can also come into play. A team that is trained in maneuvering and installing heavy machinery will approach each job with the right equipment and know-how, and will know what to do if even unexpected obstacles arise.

Protection for Your Prized Equipment
There are no two ways about it — the machinery your industrial operations rely on costs money. When you trust untrained teams with moving and placing such items, you risk damage that could mean costly repair work or replacement. In addition to understanding the right way to go about the work, professional teams also carry insurance. That means that, in the unlikely event that damage should occur, your company won’t be out additional funds.

Protection for Your Day-to-Day Operations
Most industrial operations run on strict schedules — team members carrying out certain tasks, in certain places, at certain times. When you pull crews off their regular work for equipment installation duties, it can throw off everything off. Not only that, but if they don’t get that equipment installed just so, it can result in lags and other machinery issues down the line. A trained and licensed team will be able to get in, get your equipment installed and get out, with little disruption to your day.

Equipment installation is just one of the tasks the FUSED Industrial team tackles each day. If you’re interested in learning more about why you should only trust such work to the pros — or if you’d like to learn how our team could assist your crew with future projects, please reach out. We are always glad to help.