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Starting Your Search for Electrical Contractors in Houston

Electrical work is serious business in every scenario — but especially in relation to industrial projects. Here are some key considerations to keep front and center as your search begins.

Find a Company with Quality References

They say that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, and it can be the best indicator of a company’s work ethic, too. Talk with others in your industry about companies they’ve worked with in the past, and what those experiences were like. Did they meet timeline and budget requirements? Were they easy to work with? Did any troubles arise? (And if so, were the issues resolved satisfactorily?) A simple online search can help, too. Key the company’s name in and see what others have to say about them on social media and online review sites.

Find a Company with Targeted Experience

Not all electrical work is created equal. When such projects take place at or near industrial facilities, they require special training to ensure crew members are not only legally allowed past plant entrances, but that they can carry out their work without disrupting surrounding activities or introducing safety concerns into the mix. When interviewing companies, ask about their background with industrial operations. What certifications do they maintain? Which projects have they taken on in the past? What special considerations, if any, would they put in place regarding your particular work?

Find a Company that Can Assist in Other Areas, Too

Oftentimes it can be better for a company’s project timeline — not to mention its bottom line — to allow one company to handle multiple facets of a project. Think of it as the industrial world’s answer to buying in bulk. The good news is, some companies maintain a broad range of experience, making it simple to do just that. FUSED Industries, for instance, maintains expertise across three targeted divisions — Industrial, Civil and Commercial. During your consultation, make it a point to discuss the full range of work you’re searching for, and to ask about where all your potential contractor might be able to help.

A Full Scope of Services: FUSED Electrical Work

FUSED Industries is here to support every aspect of a company’s industrial operationselectrical work included. Our team has the ability to aid with everything from installation and testing for wiring systems, to setting electrical equipment and even fabrication work for panels and instrument stands.

  • Medium- & Low-Voltage Wiring Installation/Testing
  • Lighting & Lighting Protection
  • Cable Tray & Conduit Installation
  • Equipment Setting
  • Power & Lighting Panel Installation
  • Tubing Installation

  • Heat Tracing
  • Loop Checks
  • Repair Work

  • Electrical & Instrument Craft
  • Small & Large Jobs
  • Minimal Down Time

  • Panels
  • Switch Gear
  • Modular Equipment


FUSED is Here to Help with Your Industrial Electrical Work

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