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Atlantic Hurricane Season: Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Atlantic hurricane season spans June 1 through November 30 and, with experts anticipating an active year, the earlier a company can have preparations in place, the better. (After all, Mother Nature is unpredictable.) At FUSED Industries, we encourage companies to plan ahead for every phase of storm season — including its aftermath. That’s right, in addition to stocking up on supplies and otherwise ensuring your job sites are prepared to face adverse weather, you should know what to do once that weather makes its exit. Read on for helpful tips to get you started.

Know Who to Call if Your Structure Suffers Storm Damage
Disaster situations tend to lead to a sense of paralysis — and to leave people unsure of what to do next. Compiling a list of important numbers ahead of time can help you act quickly and with purpose when emergencies arise. (This is especially important during disaster situations when time is of the essence.) Include your company’s insurance contacts, along with names and numbers of companies that can get you back up and running.

Get Company Experts Involved in Evaluations
Invite your leadership team and trusted engineers to take part in the assessment and inspection processes, and to offer their insight once initial quotes come back. Because they’re familiar with the plant and its day-to-day operations, there’s a chance they’ll spot needed repairs outsiders missed. On a similar note, because they have a vested interest in your overall outcome, they can help you sidestep unnecessary repair work, or brainstorm better ways to get things back on track. In any case, having multiple sets of eyes on your company’s repair needs can ease tensions and help your company take a solid next step forward.

Minimize Headaches by Working with an All-Encompassing Contractor
Time is money when it comes to disaster recovery efforts, and if you can save time by moving a few phone calls off your schedule, you should do so. We encourage working with companies you can trust to carry out a wide range of repair work. At FUSED Industries, for instance, our disaster recovery experts are equipped to aid in everything from fabrication and electrical services for your plant’s important repairs, to equipment setting and inspection offerings to ensure everything is up and running safely.

It’s easy to feel defeated when a storm wreaks havoc on your operations. Going in with a plan — and a trusted support system — can make all the difference. For more information on ways your company can stand prepared during Atlantic hurricane season, or to learn more about FUSED industrial, civil and commercial construction offerings, please contact our company. We’re always glad to help.