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Key Considerations Surrounding Demolition and Excavation Work

Such preparation will vary widely, depending on the nature of your finished project. Selective versus whole-building demolition services require their own targeted approach, for instance, while simple land clearing takes much less preparation than in-depth excavation. Regardless of the details at play, a few factors will always remain important.

Clear, concise communication with your potential partner can get your project started on the right foot, for instance. Set up a phone call or in-person consultation to provide a lay of the land from the very beginning. What is your end goal? What timeline and budget constraints exist? What condition is the job site in at the moment? By providing a full scope of information at the very beginning, you ensure your potential partner is on the same page as your company, and you open the door to potential project savings. In fact, if the company you’re speaking with is skilled in both demolition and construction services, there’s a chance they can aid in multiple phases of your project — oftentimes with overlapping timelines. That means quicker turnaround time, fewer points of contact and, in certain circumstances, less out of pocket.

Of course, safety considerations are another important factor. Because excavation and demolition work involve heavy machinery around your facilities, nearby power lines and piping, too, the team you trust with such work must be thoroughly trained. Does your potential partner require team members to undergo regular OSHA safety training? Are they familiar — and in compliance with — federal, state and local standards? Do their team members maintain up-to-date certification? It isn’t enough to simply assume their training is where it should be. An untrained crew that causes damage or injury on your job site can lead to delayed timelines, damaged reputations and a costly blow to your bottom line.

FUSED Industries: Your Single Source, Full Force for Demolition and Excavation Work

The professionals at FUSED have proudly dug in their heels on civil, commercial, industrial, fabrication and electrical construction work since 1992. With just one phone call, we provide access to a team of 100+ construction experts aimed at completing your projects on-time, within budget and to your exacting specifications. Our excavation and demolition services include, but are not limited to:

Mass Excavation Services

  • Dirt Moving & Removal
  • Grading
  • Detention Pond Installation
  • Site Improvement

Clearing & Demolition

  • Site Preparation
  • Structural Demolitions
  • Heavy Growth Clearing & Grubbing

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