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Construction Turnaround Services: A Brief Overview

Also known as a shutdown or TAR, a plant turnaround refers to regularly scheduled downtime industrial operations undergo every three to five years or so. Such appointments provide the chance for trained turnaround crews to inspect elements such as pressure vessels, valves, boilers and heat exchangers, making repairs and updates where necessary. At the same time, the pause provides an opportunity to work other regularly scheduled maintenance in, as well. The overarching goal of any industrial plant turnaround is to ensure a safe and healthy working environment where every element is working as it should — all while optimizing the plant’s output.

Common Obstacles Amid the Plant Turnaround Process

Although crucial to creating a safe industrial environment, the plant turnaround is not without its issues. There are certain factors any company must consider when preparing to get the ball rolling on such work.

The Time Element

A plant turnaround is meant to be an in-depth review of a plant’s existing infrastructure and machinery, followed by necessary repair and maintenance work and then a careful, calculated startup. As such, it takes time. From initial scoping to post-turnaround review, your industrial operations could be paused for a month or longer. In fact, it’s estimated that shutdowns can cost a plant $100,000 per hour or more. Whenever possible, book turnaround and shutdown practices during slower times of year — or book services in such a way that other aspects of your operations can continue forward even while others are on pause.

Post-Pandemic Backup

As with so many other aspects of a post-COVID world, industrial construction experts anticipate a backlog of plant shutdown and turnaround services that could span multiple years. In order to ensure your industrial operations remain on schedule, we recommend booking appointments well in advance. Doing so ensures your spot on the list, and can help you sidestep the elevated costs — and headaches — associated with trying to obtain a last-minute appointment when something goes wrong.

Unanticipated Surprises

No project ever goes exactly according to plan — and that includes construction turnaround services. It’s common for crews to encounter wear and tear that must be righted within a plant’s systems and equipment, thereby altering a shutdown’s timeline and budget. It’s best to maintain open communication with the company entrusted with your turnaround work. Regular check-ins, be it through weekly in-person meetings or phone calls every couple of days, can help ensure everyone is on the same page and in the know regarding where things stand.

FUSED is Your Single Source for Construction Turnaround Services

Since 1992, the FUSED Industrial team has remained dedicated to providing the electrical, fabrication and industrial construction services it takes to keep plants operating safely and at maximum efficiency. Our team is ready and able to provide support for every aspect of your industrial operations, from equipment installation, to specialty welding, project management — and construction turnaround services. As members of Associated General Contractors of America, we maintain the following certifications:

  • API 653 and API 1104 Qualified
  • U & R Stamp Certified
  • ASME B31 Piping Experienced

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