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Construction Safety: How to Avoid the Most Common Hazards

For those who work in construction, safety is a top priority. It informs everything we do, day in and day out. But no matter how much we think we know about staying safe on a jobsite, it’s best practice not to get too comfortable, and to constantly pay attention to the environment and our own behavior to avoid preventable accidents. When it comes to some of the most common jobsite safety hazards, these tips will help keep you and your coworkers out of harm’s way.

Use Fall Protection

Falls account for a hefty percentage of deaths and injuries in construction and working at height is among the most dangerous activities that can happen on a jobsite. To that end, it’s important that workers use fall protection that is up to OSHA standards. This includes utilizing fall protection when working at heights of six feet or more and inspecting protection equipment before each use. Don’t leave room for mistakes — make sure that each worker has the necessary equipment, and that it’s functioning correctly.

Stay Aware

Maintain awareness of where all heavy machinery is located on the site to prevent being caught inside a machine or caught between a machine and another object. Make sure you never place yourself in a moving machine’s path, and always wear brightly-colored safety vests and hard hats so that others on the site are aware of your location.

Steer Clear of Cellphone Distractions

It may be a surprise to learn that personal cellphones are a universal jobsite hazard, but the fact is that cellphones and headphones have become so ubiquitous that most people don’t even consider the danger they pose to distracted workers. A good rule of thumb is to not carry your cellphone while on the jobsite, and unless your company safety policies state otherwise, don’t use headphones while working. Being able to see and hear everything around you will leave you better able to avoid or prevent an accident.

FUSED Industries takes the safety of our employees and of those we work with very seriously, and we work to ensure we’re adhering to safety standards in every area of our jobs. Contact FUSED if you’re ready to work with one of the most respected companies in the industry.