FUSED Civil is proud to get down to business on the heavy civil construction projects that shape the Houston area. Our team of experts has decades of trusted experience in everything from paving and bridge work to keep roadways safe, to installation and repair work for community water systems. With a laser focus on safe practices and quality work — and transparency that keeps you in the loop every step of the way — FUSED Civil is your single source, full force.

Serving a Full Range of Heavy Civil Construction Needs

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Bridges & Structures

Making it easy to get from Point A to Point B with bridges, aerial crossings and other structural concrete work.

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Clearing & Demolition

Removing large, heavy growth to help prepare for your next project.

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Heavy Highway / Road Paving

Providing the trusted stabilization, paving and drainage work needed to move road projects forward.

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Industrial Marine

Building and repairing concrete structures by land and by sea.

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Large Diameter Underground Utilities

Completing large diameter water transmission, sanitary sewer and drainage systems.

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Mass Excavation

Moving dirt and making site improvements to lay the groundwork for your next big project.

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Trenchless Technology

Using the latest equipment and high-tech practices to get your civil construction projects off the ground.

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Water / Wastewater Systems

Installing, repairing and maintaining the water systems communities depend on for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

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Rebar Ties: An Important Element of Civil Construction

Anyone who has ever driven past road or bridge construction projects has likely spotted rebar latticework — and its associated rebar ties. Rebar ties join the bars where they meet and are typically placed in repeating patterns, such as at every second, third or fourth intersection. The amount of ties used will vary by project […]

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Want to Know More About Our Parent Company?

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