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Spotlight on FUSED Civil Construction Work

Since 1992, FUSED Industries has been hard at work carrying out industrial, commercial and civil construction work across Greater Houston. In order to provide the best possible service to our clients — and to put our full expertise into each and every job — we break our offerings out into three separate divisions. Today, the FUSED team decided to delve into our Civil division to provide a general overview of what exactly civil work is — and the types of projects our crew takes on.

What is Civil Construction Work?
Put simply, civil work points to projects that keep communities running efficiently and remaining healthy. From aboveground elements such as roadways and heavy brush, to underground water and drilling needs and even projects away from dry land, civil construction work spans the full range of public infrastructure. This work helps drive municipalities forward.

Where Does Civil Work Come into Play?
The easier question might be where DOESN’T civil work come into play. Any time a community is seeking out ways to expand or improve upon its infrastructure, companies like FUSED are ready to get down to business. Our civil construction work projects do tend to fall into a few distinct categories, however:

  • Roadways: The FUSED Civil team carries out work to help keep areas safe and easy to travel. Through site grading services we even out areas prior to paving, while stabilization and excavation work make it possible for us to create and repair roadways in areas with softer soil. Of course, FUSED Civil is well versed in paving both asphalt and concrete roadways, too.
  • Underground Pipe and Water Systems: The systems that carry clean water to homes across your city — or which carry polluted water away — are crucial to overall community health. FUSED Civil installs and repairs such systems, and has the capability to take on custom fabrication work, should a hard-to-find or uniquely-shaped element become necessary to the process. We also provide a range of auguring, drilling and other trenchless technology services to keep systems working well with less disruption to the surrounding area.
  • Waterways: It might sound counterintuitive, but plenty of civil work takes place in or near the water. Our crew regularly takes on bridge inspection, repair and improvement projects, for instance, not to mention new builds. Other common projects include retaining walls aimed at keeping soil where it should be, and demolition work for existing structures. Our marine barge and crane services help bring these projects to reality.
  • Job Sites: This sounds like a bit of a catch-all, and in truth it is. We regularly clear land, removing shrubbery, existing structures and the like, in preparation for upcoming builds. With expertise in concrete work, we also lay foundations and aid in creating new structures from the ground up.

Civil construction work extends far and wide, but it’s a specialty that truly helps communities grow. For more information about FUSED Civil, visit the division’s website. While you’re there, be sure to take a look at a few of our most recent projects. Of course, if you have questions — or if you’re interested in seeing how our team can help with your upcoming work — feel free to get in touch. We would love to work with you!