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Jobs Spotlight: Careers in Construction Month

October is Careers in Construction Month, an opportunity for companies that make their living changing the landscape of a community to educate others about all they do. The construction industry is a vital part of the infrastructure of any thriving area. When communities grow, so do the neighborhoods, surrounding businesses and roads. As an active construction company with three divisions ourselves (Industrial, Civil and Commercial), the FUSED team understands how important each trade and craftsman is to the construction team. Here, we’re shining the spotlight on a few common — yet diverse — careers in our industry. Read on for some insight into the work these professionals do.

A foreman is skilled in the trade he or she oversees on a construction site, and is responsible for completion of the specific project they are in charge of. Besides project oversight, a foreman is responsible for ensuring safety and making sure that work is completed safely, correctly and in a timely fashion. A skilled foreman will exhibit sound judgment when addressing concerns that arise, and will regularly report progress to all stakeholders involved. If you are skilled in a construction trade and maintain strong leadership skills, a foreman position may be a good fit.

Crane Operator
If you are interested in heavy equipment and can master precise, careful movements, you might enjoy work as a crane operator. A big part of a crane operator’s job is to understand and master proper use of the crane by safely manipulating a variety of levers, wheels and pedals. Crane operators move heavy items through active construction sites, and into their proper locations for installation or removal. Other duties include inspection and some maintenance of the equipment they operate, as well as assistance in other aspects of specific projects to which they are assigned. Learn more here.

Welding can be a rewarding career path for those who enjoy creating. Welders cut and join metal together using handheld and remote welding tools. This work enables them to make repairs, fill holes and join together separate pieces of metal. Support in this field is always needed in construction. For those who like a little adventure, underwater welding jobs exist, too!

Carpenter Apprentice
Do you enjoy lending a helping hand while learning new things? Hands-on work as a carpenter apprentice might be a fantastic fit. A carpenter apprentice assists others on the team with everything from cleaning up debris, to tying rebar and assisting with general construction. At the same time, they are absorbing knowledge from those around them. A good carpenter apprentice who pays attention on the job will be poised to work their way up the ladder. Learn more here.

If working in Houston construction sounds like the career path for you, FUSED is always looking to add talented people to our team. Visit our Careers page for a glimpse at our available positions, then feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!