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Three Ways You’re Thwarting Your Company’s Construction Projects

The construction projects that keep your company growing and thriving are a pretty big deal. Not only are they a massive investment in both time and funds, but they can help determine your overall trajectory. The truth is, however, seemingly innocuous actions on your end could be throwing such projects off track. FUSED Industries has pulled together a few common issues related to construction projects. Do any apply to your operations?

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
Your average construction site is abuzz with crew members carrying out all sorts of projects at once. From dirt work, to frame-outs, electrical construction and beyond, there’s typically a lot going on. When all of those team members come from separate companies, it can be difficult to ensure such projects are being carried out in the ideal manner and order. When possible, sign on to work with construction firms that specialize in a range of services. Doing so cuts down on the number of calls you have to make and crews you have to oversee, and makes the entire process simpler.
FUSED Tip: At FUSED Industries, our Industrial, Civil and Commercial divisions allow us to provide virtually all-encompassing offerings to those we serve.

Unwillingness to Offer Leeway
If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re ready to pull the trigger on your big construction project, you likely have an idea of what the end result should be. Even so, unforeseen issues can (and probably will) arise. Be prepared to remain flexible, and to work with your contractor on solutions that keep work on track. If steel shortages make certain building accessories unavailable, you might opt for something easier to acquire. A torrential downpour that soaks the site, on the other hand, might require a pushed-back final deadline. Such reworks might not be ideal, but they’re part of getting to the finish line. Remember, your construction crew wants a successful end result just as much as you do.
FUSED Tip: Consider booking a standing weekly call with your project’s point person where they can update you on progress and work through any concerns.

Continuous Change Orders
The occasional change order — the need to add or remove elements from a project’s original scope — is common in the construction world. When such roadblocks begin happening on the regular, however, it can introduce real trouble into the mix. After all, project timelines, staffing needs and budgets are all based on what needs to happen, and when. Make it a point to work through every conceivable element of your work at the start, and stick as closely as possible to the plan. When a rare change does enter the mix, alert all those involved as early on as possible.
FUSED Tip: A dedicated project manager is well worth the investment when it means keeping everything running as it should.

Have questions about any of the above? The FUSED team is here, and we’re happy to help. Feel free to contact us at any time!